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February 15, 2004 06:02 +0000  |  Society & Culture Why I'm Here 0

anger, tears and goosebumps. this could possibly be the most important movie you'll ever see. it's well written, historically accurate and features some of the most important minds on the issue of globalisation. but sensationalism aside, seriously, see this movie. and here's why:

globalisation is a really big subject. so big that it's literally impossible to understand when concerning yourself with the entire concept all at once. you have to take it apart into smaller pieces: sweatshops, economies of scale, terrorism and at the root of it all: the corporation.

as citizens of a democracy, we can't sit by anymore and assume that stuff like this doesn't apply to us. the world is broken, our assumption of "truth" is flawed, and if we are to survive as a free and healthy people, we have to begin to understand why constructs like the corporation are unhealthy for us.

i can't go on into more detail without either boring you with facts and figures or somehow dulling the importance of this film's message, so i'll just leave you with what i hope will be enough to convince you to see this movie:
  • if you're american, your milk is poisoned. but more importantly, your milk was allowed to be poisoned because someone paid to make it this way. and what's more, you were prevented from hearing about it because people were paid to kill news stories about it

  • privatisation of breatheable air, as ridiculous as it sounds, is not a foreign concept to modern supporters of the corporation. it's right up there with monsanto's seeds that self-destruct after one crop, and a bechtel's ownership of the water of cochabamba, bolivia -- even the water falls from the sky

  • not only did ibm supply the nazis with the technology required to manage their jewish problem, but they personally serviced the machines that were used to process the men, women, and children into the gas chambers and death camps. i even saw a picture of the ceo of ibm having lunch with adolph himself.

  • there is hope. the ceo of interface flooring systems has publically decided to make his company completely sustainable by the year 2020. no bullshit. read the details here.


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