Projects /TweetPile

A few years ago, I attended a concert where the audience was encouraged to take photographs and tweet to their heart's content. A lot of fun things happened on stage that night and it occurred to me that there was no easy way to obtain a complete collection of everything posted by the participants.

So I wrote TweetPile, in part to scratch an itch, and in part to learn more about the asynchronous features of Python. It does some really crazy stuff, dumping every tweet it finds into a queue server and then consuming them into a live-compressed archive while generating statistics from the process.

The front-end stuff was a lot of fun too: maps showing tweet location, ring charts with tweet statistics, a javascript-based word cloud, and an image viewer that changes the size of the images based on the proportional popularity of the tweet in question.

Unfortunately, while I thought that TweetPile would make a useful web service, it failed to generate any real interest out there, so it mostly just exists for me to fiddle with now. Go ahead and create a collection of your own though. It'll send me an email when you do and make me feel like it's helping someone :-)