Image Gallery /chalk batman
Resolution 2272 x 1704
Album Toronto, Autumn 2003
Tags Wildlife
Speed 1/1000
Aperture 128/32
Date 26 May 2005, 5:07 p.m.

i found this on queen street while going for an icecream run with sephron one day at work. the text reads:

hello folks. i'm here to impress the toonies out of you in hopes of once & for all buying a litle house in halifax. my little girl lives there & my little boy lives here which means it's financially killing me to simply visit each one. the goal is this... rais e 50,000 toonies by sept. 20th, buy a little house in halifax in CASH rent out the basement, use saved money to afford my & their visits with each other. i know this is a massive goal, this is extremely personal & i know the world" doesn't owe me... so,... any & all donations truly have my grattitude


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