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July 15, 2005 19:18 +0000  |  Moments In Time Personal Life 0

it's the summer of 2003 and i'm still living in ottawa. feeling the stifling grip of the town closing around me, i'm walking home through "downtown" when i see a mini poster on a telephone pole:


suddenly i'm very excited about the whole thing. i'd been wanting to see the bassilica ever since i moved into the area and here was the perfect setting: a classical performance of one of my favourite composers. after much coaxing and a little complaining from chrystal i manage to convince her to come with me to sit in the hot and humid old church and enjoy the show with me.

"the show" consists of no more than 7 musicians who, seated at the front of the church are almost entirely hidden behind the heads of others who thought to arrive earlier. the lead violinist, a slender girl with long curly brown hair stands up, and with the small accompaniment behind her, she makes the church sing... this is vivaldi's "summer", and i am near tears.

yesterday i was taken back to that moment in time thanks to taavi's new audio system at home. he's gone out and bought brand new $2500 studio monitors (note, these aren't speakers. such a word is an insult to these beautiful things). he sat me in his chair, the monitors pointed at me and loaded a cd into the tray. it wasn't perfect, but it was almost exactly like being back there in the bassilica.

thanks taavi.


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