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This is the personal & professional site for Daniel Quinn, home mostly to fun stuff like his blog, image gallery and side projects, as well as his CV (for those who might be interested in paying him to roll code).

Daniel is a software developer by trade, and activist/advocate by nature, and for the moment, you can find him in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Oh, and a quick note to those of you who might have happened here looking for the author of "Ishmael": I'm not him. He's over at

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  • 5 ways the "Fair Elections Act" isn't fair at all:
  • A pretty good breakdown of Canada's Fair Elections Act: (spoiler: it's not fair at all)
  • The #WeTheNorth ads are really quite good, almost enough for me to take an interest in basketball:
  • Front-end developers are fucking wizards. Wizards with the patience of a saint. How the hell do you put up with this shit?
  • Apparently, Javascript thinks that [1.234] == 1.234 #killme
  • I never really looked into Gittip, but now that I have, I think it's pretty awesome.