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August 29, 2022 13:39 +0000  |  Music 0

Today, I thought I might tell you a story about someone else. Maybe you've heard this one, but if you haven't perhaps this post will add a sense of urgency to your life, or maybe it'll just remind you of the terrible tragedy of being. Either way, it's a story about an amazing young woman that I want to share.

This is her. If you watch through to 1:40 and aren't hopelessly blown away by her talent, you are indeed made of stone.

Christina Grimmie was one of those breaking stars in the earlier days of YouTube, a kid with no industry connections wielding an internet connection and a bottomless well of raw talent. She updated her channel regularly and over time built up a fan base, was doing live shows, and even cutting albums. Her life was looking up: she was young, beautiful, and amazingly talented.

Then one evening at one of her shows, all that ended when a complete stranger murdered her.

Her Wikipedia page tells a more thorough story of her life and death, so I won't add more here. If you're curious, you know where to read it. I just wanted to share her song with you, and maybe remind us all that sometimes, our time on this earth isn't as much as we expect.


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