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January 01, 2014 15:37 +0000  |  Blogger 0

Would you believe that it's been more than ten years since I started this blog? I only realised this fact last night as I was talking about blogging in general with Christina's parents. Her father thought that the whole pattern of blogging as quite strange, and really didn't see the point to it all, so I pointed out that I'd been blogging for years... and that's when I realised:

I've been writing on this website for a decade

That's just under ⅓ of my life. My life, as clumsy and convoluted as it has been, since I left Ottawa back in 2003. It includes stories about how I tried to build a life in Toronto, got my feet wet in political action, and even eventually running for office myself years later. There's stuff in here about the friends I've made, the women I've dated, and even the family that I've lost.

This blog is an archive of my life, and it's already ten years in.

This life is messy and rough, sometimes boring, and even remarkable at times, but more than anything, it's my life, and I must say that it's pretty amazing to have it all here, in print, forever on the Internet.


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