November 01, 2010 10:30 +0000  |  Canada Capitalism Corporations Democracy NDP Politics 0

I will post details about this year's Hallowe'en stuff soon, but I wanted to share this for now. Below is a video clip from 1978 of Tommy Douglas addressing the House of Commons. There's two things that I'd like to point out to you before you watch it:

  1. This is a man talking about energy independence in 1978.
  2. Note the remarkable lack of noise and heckling in the room. Thirty years has changed much.

March 15, 2007 17:49 +0000  |  Corporations Terrorism 5

The Chiquita banana company admitted to doing business with a Colombian terrorist organisation on Wednesday and agreed to pay a $25 million US fine.

Read the article for more detail, but the truth is clear: regular people, if accused of terrorism are put in jail or deported to Syria where they're tortured. But if you're a corporation giving money to known terrorists, you can just pay a fine.