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May 20, 2005 22:37 +0100  |  Society & Culture 2

it's possible that you've seen this before since there's so much content on the site that i have to believe that it's been around for some time. regardless, i was just mesmerised by it this afternoon when colin sent me a link. post secret is a blog maintained by a guy who receives anonymous homemade postcards of people's secrets which he then posts online. some of these confessions are scary, some are funny, many are depressing, but they're all beautiful. an excellent example of artistic use of the internet.

a small sampling:

  • i don't know if it will last, but for now he makes me feel like i can do anything i ever dreamt
  • sometimes i keep one eye open after i've supposedly gone to sleep. just in case my stuffed animals come to life.
  • i donated $40 to the tsunami relief fund and now that i'm broke i regret it.
  • i want to be an artist more than i care about making art.
  • i'm still in love with her. i hope she reads this and recognises my handwriting -- this is also my last try.
  • i still haven't told my father that i have the same disease that killed my mother.
  • i had sex with strangers for money. and i liked it.
  • i hate loving families... because i don't have one.
  • i never told anyone... i believe god took my second child because i killed my first... it was a girl
  • i deleted the pope's funeral unwatched off my tivo to make room for an episode of survivor.


21 May 2005, 10:54 a.m.  | 

interesting... i like the site..

17 Jun 2005, 4:38 p.m.  | 

Wow. That site is incredibly powerful. Part of me feels like crying for everyone, but I'm so transfixed that I can't.

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