December 18, 2003 05:18 +0000  |  Geek Stuff Personal Life 2

it's 12:06et as i begin writing this, my first entry in my shiny new blogger. and as late as it is, i'm not going to write much -- i still have work in the morning... for the time being. the theme engine is done, complete with a new style setup for winter so i don't have to worry about that for a good long time. i think most of the bugs are worked out and all that's left is some good old fashioned "putting it live and watching it break". i just hope there isn't too much breakage, as i just don't have the patience required to fix it.

i'm going to see the girlfriend this weekend. and to say that i'm excited would really not be doing it justice. long distance relationships are hard... but i think that maybe this time, it just might be worth it....

alright, to bed now. enjoy the blogging ;-)